Thursday, October 13, 2022

Finding New Places


Chris and I are expanding our vistas now that we have finally, mostly, completed the move-in process. The projects that I finished during the past two weeks have pushed us to the 99 percent moved-in point.

Nieuw Amsterdam
Holland America Lines

Last evening we found a new place to enjoy Happy Hour. And it is really an old place, Cooper's Hawk. We happened to be at the local mall and there was a Cooper's hawk. As it was almost 5 PM we decided to have a glass of wine and enjoy Happy Hour together. Well, we know Cooper's Hawk because we had been to the one in Annapolis. I was impressed with the wines. They have significantly improved sine the last time I visited a Coopers Hawk. I enjoyed a California Barbera and Chris enjoyed a very vibrant and exciting Spanish Tempranillo.

We also, spur of the moment, planned a Caribbean cruise for early November. There are advantages to living in Florida AND being retired: our calendar is. generally open. We got a great price on a seven-night cruise. It is costing less for both of us to go on this cruise with a balcony cabin than for one of us to go on the cruise we are going on in January with a similar cabin with a balcony. Pretty awesome!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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