Friday, October 14, 2022

More than a Hurricane

Looking out onto the Patio
Tequesta, FL
October 13, 2022

 We received more rain yesterday than we did during Hurricane Ian. It was actually pretty incredible. The amount of rain falling during the storm, which lasted for a couple hours, flooded streets and caused widespread flooding in the Jupiter/Tequesta area. 

The reports of flooding were centered in our area. One TV station, WPTV detailed the flooding. At one point we actually saw our street, Village Blvd, on the news--it was flooded. The streets mentioned in the news report are ones we traverse daily. The rain came down hard and not for just a few minutes, but for almost two hours. 

Orange-tipped Oakworm Moths
Tequesta, FL
October 13, 2022

In the end, our area experienced more flooding in a couple hours than we did when Hurricane Ian grazed us two weeks ago. 

We were not the only ones taking refuge from the deluge. I found two Orange-tipped Oakworm Moths together in the entryway. They were dry and sheltered from the rain pelting the earth just a few feet away. They are stunning in their orange color.

We survived the storm and the rain without too many issues. The water began to creep up to the edge of our patio because the gutters could not handle the amount of rain coming off the roof, but it did not actually come onto the patio.

Today should be a nice day and the weekend is expected to be cooler (low 80s for the highs) and less humid. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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