Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Happy Hour Highlight - Space Launch

Atlas 5 with SES-20 and SES-21 Smoke Trail
Juno Beach, FL
October 4, 2022


I forget that I need to be cognizant of the launch schedule from Cape Canaveral. It used to be an integral part of my daily existence, knowing what space launches were happening, but I have not developed a good methodology to stay "in the know" in my retired lifestyle.

Suffice it, last evening as I returned to the beach for happy hour, the first since Hurricane Ian's visit, I was sitting there enjoying the time together with friends when a woman walked up and announced that she was a geek and that there was a space launch happening in about one minute. Wow--I was impressed and happy. I love watching space launches.

The launch happened, although being daytime with a heavy cloud decks I was unsure how much we would see. Not much as it turned out. The launch was visible as it sped between cloud formations and we never saw it again as the flight path carried it away from us behind the clouds.

Rough Atlantic Ocean
Juno Beach, FL
October 4, 2022

Programming note. There is a crewed launch scheduled for today at noon! I hope to have my toes in the sand to watch that one if the weather is clear. It is Crew-5 in the Dragon vehicle Endurance aboard a Falcon-9. You can read more about it in the NASA Blog.

It was a great Happy Hour with some brief entertainment. The ocean was rough and the waves were powerful crashing onto the beach. We were there at high tide and watching the waved was especially enjoyable. There were the usual collection of birds with the ospreys begin most active and fun to watch. They seemed bigger than the ospreys on the beach we usually frequent for happy hour. 

I noted that as the sun was sinking on the horizon it highlighted the waves as they proceeded to the beach. The sun and the waves made for a stunning scene. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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