Friday, October 21, 2022

Leaving Key West


Chris and I departed Key West yesterday and returned to our regularly scheduled lives. The five hour drive was not too bad and we arrived home by about 2 pm. It was cold in the Keys as we woke and subsequently departed. But, before we departed we enjoyed a solid breakfast at Two Friends Patio Restaurant. This had become one of our favorite places because of the rooster, Solo.

Chris enjoyed interacting with Solo during our meal. I think he was a surrogate for Finnegan. The sign hanging in the restaurant about says it all regarding the chickens running around. 

Scarlet Lady
Key West, FL
October 21, 2022
After breakfast, we took one last walk around the area. A cruise ship had docked, but it was so early that none of the passengers were yet disembarking, which was a good thing since none of the shops were open. Nothing gets moving in Key West much before 9 AM.

The morning temperature was in the high 60s and so it was chilly. The wind blowing off the water made it feel even cooler as we walked along the pier. I actually was amazed at how close we could get to the ship without being stopped by security. Perhaps it was because the gangway was not yet open.

After the walk we returned to our room and loaded the car for the return trip to Tequesta. Our Key West escape was over, but we promised to return—soon.

Programming note: My laptop is still out of commission I am currently reinstalling the OS to attempt recovery.

— Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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