Thursday, October 6, 2022

Interrupted Bike Ride


Path of the Ride
Tequesta, FL
October 5, 2022

It finally happened to me as I am sure it at one time happens to most bike riders. 

There I was, riding with a friend in the middle of a planned 20 mile or so route. I heard a noise coming from my back wheel and then within a few yards the tire was flat. I noticed that it was flat when the rim hit the pavement. Fortunately, we were only three miles from his house where I had parked the truck. He rode off and got my truck to haul my bike home for repairs. 

Important safety tip: Never ride on a flat tire! Not only will you need to replace the inner tube and tire, but you will likely incur the added expense of replacing at least the rim if not the whole wheel.

I had been tempting fate by not carrying a repair kit. It is weird that yesterday was the first day that I rode with a small bag under my seat for my wallet and keys. The small bike bag now contains a roadside repair kit including a CO2 cartridge to inflate a tire. I have been procrastinating putting a repair kit together and yesterday's flat spurred me into action.

My Vision of South Florida
Tequesta, FL
October 5, 2022
Until the flat occurred, the ride was enjoyable. The weather was mild and we rode along and area that coincides with my vision of Florida. Small palms among pine trees. Looking at the route of the ride, it does not follow a straight path as we wound through the neighborhoods.  There was an out and return portion and the flat occurred we were preparing to head to the right, backwards down the arrow I drew, into an area we had not yet ridden.

The ride along the wild area was especially pretty. The bright sky highlighted the beauty of the low palms and pine trees. The wild area seemed to go on forever, oblivious to the habitat destruction occurring elsewhere in the region as houses are erected.

I do enjoy these rides around Tequesta and I am preparing to venture further away to explore other parts of Palm Beach and Martin counties.

Programming note: I missed seeing the Crew-5 launch. Poor planning on my part.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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