Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wow am I getting sunburned

Two days and just a short time in the water and I have managed to get sunburned--even though I was applying sunscreen.

But it was all worth it. Snorkeling two days in a row in two different places! Wow.
Today was great tough. We rented and Scott captained a 43 foot sailboat and we took off on our own only with a GPS and some vague directions to a reef. It all worked.

Of course the day began by getting rear ended by a local. Ugh! All because a bicyclist was riding in the middle of my lane, towards me, and I had to stop in order to avoid making him a hood ornament. Fortunately, our vehicle only have a few scratches--the other car though, the whole grille is gone.

But the boat was fabulous. The sailing was all the fun. We tied up at the reef and swam about 300 feet out to the reef for snorkeling--but the visibility was not all that great--call it 18-20 feet. The visibility affected the fish too--at one point Chris and I swam up on and surprised a barracuda. We were all surprised--the fish too. I didn't get a good picture of him before he swam off.

I am learning how to use my underwater camera, too. Like make sure all the water is off the lens before shooting pictures on land--or above the water. Of course, it didn't help that I was treading water while shooting.

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