Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Proposal: A Review

So I was dragged off Sunday afternoon after driving for over six hours to see a "chick flick" pretty much against my will. Gag me--how could I possibly want to see a movie like this after seeing the summer's biggest action flick so far?

But, I was surprised. This "its been done before" movie starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds was entertaining. I say, "its been done before" because the plot is about two people who can't stand each other and are getting married to help one of them remain in the country. And yes--by the end of the movie they fall in love. Its been done! Nothing new here except that the acting is really very good and the humor is fresh.

The new part is the wilderness setting of Sitka, Alaska and some really good acting by Betty White who plays the part of an off-beat grandmother. She is really very funny and works extremely well with both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

I actually thought the white puppy almost stole the whole movie--but then I do have a soft spot in my heart for dogs.

The plot is predictable and the acting is good but not great. The situations range from the believable to the wacky--especially one where Betty White is dancing around a fire in the woods. But like an enjoyable meal that you've had before, it all seems to come together for a surprisingly funny, touching, and well paced movie. It was a good way to spend a couple of hours.

RECOMMENDATION: Guys, if you haven't punched your chick flick ticket lately--choose this one. You will laugh and probably enjoy yourself. Be cautious however--your date may actually think you like chick flicks if you show too much enthusiasm. Overall--the movie was good entertainment and probably worth two hours, especially when wrapped around dinner. (But please, don't let my wife know!)

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