Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Musings - July 27, 2009

1. Vacations in new places are an awesome way to explore the country and find new places to think about returning to.

2. OK--I learned something about Key West--I always thought I would like to live there, but now I know I'd like to live there.

3. How crazy is it to love heading miles out into the ocean in a small boat just to jump off it and slip below the surface? Kinda like jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft. But swimming with the fishes is great.

4. Getting away from work and the demands of everyday life is the recipe to rejuvenate the thought processes.

5. Ever notice in a society that there are always those people hanging around who just want to tear down without offering a constructive solution? Think about the emails you get on a regular basis from people who are trying to destroy rather than build up? What's up with that?

6. The sound of waves against a beach is one of the most relaxing sounds I can think of.

7. I wish I was better with a camera so I could capture more of what my mind sees rather than what is really there.

8. Wanna get away?

9. Blue water, good friends, a boat under full sail--what could be better than that?

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