Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hemmingway House

It has truly been a busy week and we really started it off with a bang on Sunday with a visit to the Hemingway House.

The house is located away from the center of the action, but yet a short walk from where it is happening. It is in a nice neighborhood and has been restored to the condition that it was when Hemmingway lived there.

The house is a museum and one of the unique features is the cats which live and thrive there. There are 44 cats currently living there and they are all descended from a single cat and many are six toed cats.

The house is from the 1800's and is a snapshot of life in Key West in the 1930's. The grounds are well kept and the tour is a definite plus. The tour book says to plan on at least 30 minutes--but in reality you need at least an hour to fully appreciate the entirety of the museum and home. It is chock full of artifacts and memorabilia. Who knew that Hemmingway was decorated with a Bronze Star during World War 2?

Recommendation: A definite place to visit and enjoy. If you appreciate Hemmingway--all the better.

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