Monday, July 27, 2009

Hart & McGarry 2005 Merlot - Review

This Napa Valley wine was recommended to me by my favorite wine person at the ABC Liquor Store in Jupiter, Florida because I was looking for a good Merlot.

I know--merlot's are passe, right? Not true.

This merlot is well worth seeking out. It is very smooth and has a very inviting bouquet which immediately invites you deep into the rich color of the wine for a special experience. The smells of dark berries begins the experience. Once in the mouth there is the pleasing taste of black current and cherries which start forward and then continue across the palette for a smooth and lingering finish.

This is a complete smooth and pleasing wine. I highly recommend it--especially if you are looking for a red that is different from the usual run cabernet sauvingnion or shiraz that are so popular. I know merlot is unpopular right now--but try this one.

Recommendation: Try it. At $15 per bottle it is a great wine for the value.

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