Sunday, July 26, 2009

If this is Sunday, I must be in Cocoa Beach

The whirlwind vacation of Florida continues with stop three: Cocoa Beach.

We departed Key West yesterday morning and after a short stop at the Ft Lauderdale airport we continued on to Cocoa Beach.

It was sad to say good-bye to Pennie and Scott after a great week in Key West--we had a lot of fun and some great new experiences.

Sailing was one of the highlights. A day on the water at the mercy of the wind and waves. OK--the boat had a motor which was good too since the winds were very light. But it was a blast. It was weird to lay in bed at night after sailing and still experience the gentle rocking of the boat due to the magnificence of the inner ear's ability to stabilize almost anywhere.

Of all the days do far in Florida--yesterday was weather wise the worst--it rained on us almost all day as we drove up the coast. Who knew it was so far from Key West to Cocoa Beach. By the time it was done it was an all day affair. We departed Key West about 10AM and arrived in Cocoa Beach about 5:30 PM.

So now I am back, where my vacation began watching the space shuttle launch. And I am looking forward to a great week with Mike, Nicole and the boys. We've already been out on the beach and now we are ready to rock and roll.

The sun is shining again, the boys are up. Bring on the sand and the sun.

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