Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Musings - July 13, 2009

1. Amid the peace and quiet of life--there were dogs. Six of them before the weekend was out. And boy do some of them poop. And the geriatric dog of the group fell into the pool requiring rescue.

2. I loved scuba diving in the pool. I got to try out my new gear before actually using it for real and I will be much more relaxed since I am comfortable with my gear and my camera. I was also surprised how little weight I need carry--which is a good thing for control.

3. The weeks before a longish vacation is the worst--all of the planning and preparation come to a head and the panic begins to set in. I guess we need to get really tight before we can unwind.

4. Taking pictures of stuff on the bottom of the pool with my camera was fun--but still life's of screwdrivers and pool return covers are not really interesting.

5. Hot summer Sundays are great for napping on a floatie in the pool and watching a ballgame with the sons. Especially when the O's decide to win!

6. Fruit in the summer. Hmmmm, let me see.

7. Now that the car is back from the repair shop after the accident, you remember how much you really appreciate what you have.

8. I hate it when, the weekend before we are getting ready to drive to Florida, that I discover the vehicle we are taking needs new tires!

9. I wonder why my insurance company makes me print new insurance cards every six months. Like--where else am I going to go?

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