Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You learn a lot about things when you get a chance to examine them closely.

Take my pool, for example.

It is really tough to examine the pool on a normal day. The water gets in the way.

So on Saturday, when I was checking out my scuba gear, I did some inspection of the pool. I would like to say it was fun--but what I discovered is an aging pool that has seen a lot of fun. There are cracks developing which may, sometime in the future need to be addressed.

But that said--it was fun playing with the tools on the bottom.

And of course, my new, improved, good to 200 feet below surface camera. I will never go that far down, so it really isn't a problem.

I got used to the camera and some of the new gear I've acquired, so I should feel really comfortable in the water. I am so looking forward to the next two weeks of snorkeling and diving, and of course the sitting on the beach doing nothing.

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