Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

You haven't seen it yet? Why?

This movie is a lot of fun and it is fast paced. The plot is thin--but who cares. It is a summertime movie designed to entertain--and entertain it does.

The acting is not great, but the action is nearly non-stop.

The critics hate it and the public loves it. Why? Because the movie does not take itself too seriously. It is a fun, summer, action movie. End of story. It has drama, action, enough of a plot to hang the action around and is a great recruiting movie for the U.S. military.

The movie stars Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. A college freshman and his girl friend, drawing upon the relationships established during the first Transformers movie with the Autobots, are called on to save the human race and the solar system from certain destruction by the Decepticons. There is an interesting piece with ancient Egypt which allows the storyline to develop. Even though it is an action movie--all of the pieces fit together. Although the movie is a bit long, I do not know what I would cut out to shorten it. Perhaps some of the scenes at college near the beginning were a bit gratuitous. But there is good humor and interplay between the characters.

The movie had a bit for everyone. I saw the movie with a four-year old and he loved the Transformers every time they were on screen. The older boys enjoyed the easy looks of Megan Fox when she was on the screen. There is humor--some of it too sexually oriented for many of the younger crowd which will want to see the movie. But the movie is perfect for the pre-teen crowd and those of us who never grew up.

RECOMMENDATION: See the movie. Enjoy it for what it is. It will not win any academy awards, but it is a blockbuster and if you are in the mood for fun and action--see the movie. Be advised--there are some sexually suggestive jokes and scenes which may not be appropriate for the very young crowd. The action can be intense, again, not good for the very young crowd.

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