Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jupiter Island Beach Saving Wildlife

If you've never seen seagulls drive a school of small fish up onto a beach, it is a sight to see--especially if you are with Chris whoc firmly believes every animal is worth saving. So here the family is on Wednesday Jylu 29th tossing small fish back into the ocean to be eaten another day.

OK, I probably shouldn't say that.

She has a big heart and passes that on to everyone around her.

We chased the gulls off and started the rescue effort. I can say that all some hundred of the small fish were returned to the ocean. The gulls--were not amused. They went further down the beach and did it again to the school--which was huge. Chris didn't seem to notice this transgression however.

We drove to Jupiter to do some snorkeling. Note to self--according to the dive shop I visited, there is no snorkeling or diving in the waters off Cocoa Beach. The visibility is just too bad.

So off to Jupiter we went to snorkel in familiar waters. Although the visibility wasn't that good, we did get in some quality snorkeling.

Jupiter is always good for the small fishes that love ot hang out in the rocks off shore. Usually there is a big predator hanging around--barracuda, nurse shark, or tarpon--but today and probably because of the low visability we didn't see any.

But let's face, a bad day snorkeling or diving is still better than a day at work! Hey, and this is still vacation.
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