Friday, July 17, 2009

Florida Vacation 2009 Day 3: Jupiter

A beautiful day to begin day 3 on the beach at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. We walked in the morning and the bright warm sunlight to begin the day 3. The water was clear--you could see all the way to the bottom even with the water up to your neck.

It was fun to watch the smallish fish congregate around my legs and occasionally bump into me. A certain member of the team doesn't like this feeling and won't stay in the water when the fish show up.

Today was also the day we chose to visit friends--Fran and Mary, in Jupiter. It was an hour long drive made longer by a detour to repair a bad rim on one of my tires. Yes--my rim was corroded and not sealing against the valve stem--so the tire was losing air. At one point it looked as if we needed a replacement rim--but the Firestone dealer did a masterful job filing off the burr and not toasting the existing rim. So we were back on the road after a while.

Upon arriving in Jupiter we went to our favorite beach on Jupiter Island and did some snorkeling. It was the best snorkeling in this area in about three years. The water again was very clear and warm. I believe it is because there have not been any hurricanes yet this season. the big sighting of the day was a good sized barracuda. But the amount of life present was reassuring after two years of decline. There was an abundance of urchins and I even saw a lobster. I was looking for sharks--but didn't find one.

After some quality time on the beach, we cleaned up and went off to a new restaurant: Guanabanas Restaurant and Island Bar. What a great place. I highly recommend it. It is truly a tropical paradise and the place was fantastic. They have carved a tropical island right in Jupiter. I have never seen a restaurant motif like this before--heavy tropical.

Our drive back to Fort Lauderdale seemed endless with the storms, accidents, and traffic. I-95 north was closed at one place for a fatality accident. Thankfully, we were headed south, but the rubberneckers still created a 5-mile long traffic jam.

Back at the hotel we relaxed and then went out for a walk and wound up in the middle of a street concert. The music was a mixture of jazz and some blues and was very nicely performed. A huge thunderstorm was developing though and the lightning was fabulous. Chris took her camera and tried to get some pictures of light show--with some success.

So now we're sitting in the hotel catching up on the blogging and getting ready for our exciting trek to Key West tomorrow with Pennie and Scott.

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