Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Under the Cover of Darkness

Empty and Dark
Elkridge, MD
August 30, 2022

 Chris and I departed our house in Elkridge for likely the last time early this morning. The world was dark as we drove the streets that had been our local neighborhood for more than two decades. The good-byes had been tearful, but we know not permanent. It is sad that sometimes we don't appreciate the people we know until it is time to say good-bye.

The last item that I sold was my tractor and I have to admit that more than a few tears fell as I mowed the lawn for the last time and remembered everything we had done during the past 22 summers. Wow. And it really does seem like just yesterday that we moved into the house that became a fantastic home which is again a house waiting for a family to make it a home.

We are on our way home. Where we are headed is no longer our beach house, but it is our home. Chris and I have spent much of the day talking about transforming our Florida townhouse from a vacation place to our home. We have many plans and ideas. 

We should arrive in Tequesta tomorrow during the bright part of the day to start our lives there. I expect to be on the beach tomorrow night celebrating a new beginning.

-- Bob Doan, Yemassee, SC

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