Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Downsizing Transition to Moving

PODS-zilla Placing the Pod
Elkridge, MD
August 8, 2022

 The PODS arrived yesterday. 

It was quite an event and I was really impressed with the driver and his ability to get the PODS into the spot that I wanted. 

The PODS is in place and ready to be loaded. Now the real fun begins! Loading. But we need to be careful not to leave too much stuff behind because I only have the pick-up to get the remaining belongings to Florida. I am sure I will be getting 10 pounds of treasures into a 5 pound bag at that time. 

Of course, the expected 105 degree feels like temperature for the afternoon means that we will take it easy and since I have the PODS for the next week, we can stay inside for the afternoon, or in the pool.

In other news, we terminated the contract for sale of our house due to non-performance and are putting it back on the market. Hopefully, we will get another contract soon--but, we are planning on heading to Florida before the end of the month as planned. 

Remember, however, plans are made to be changed.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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