Thursday, August 25, 2022

And it is Gone


PODS Headed to Florida
Elkridge, MD
August 24, 2022 

The PODS departed yesterday. 

Tear were shed as the reality of the downsizing and move became a reality. Our stuff will arrive in Florida the day after our planned arrival.

It was fun to watch the PODZILLA maneuver to load the container onto the truck. And then it was trucking our of the driveway and the nearly all consuming work of the past weeks was effectively completed. All that remains in the house will either travel with us, get distributed to family members, become a donation, or find its way to the landfill/recycling center. I have already made two trips to the landfill this week and I expect at least one more. I made arrangements with Howard County to pick up our mattress and box springs from the curb the day we depart. It will be weird to sleep on the bed and then drag it to the street just before we head up the driveway for the last time. 

I hope I did a good job packing and securing. I think I used about 16 tie down straps and bungees to secure everything.

I got great news yesterday. I sold the Jaguar. I will drive it to its new owner tomorrow. So things are drawing to a conclusion.

In the it is hard to believe it happened this way category, the title company emailed forms to complete,  wet sign and PDF back to them. Suddenly this becomes a problem because my printer is in the PODS on its way to Florida. Nice one.

The house appraisal is today and that is the final piece of the house sale puzzle. I expect by this time am retired and we really do not have a hard must arrive by time--so the departure date is still fuzzy, although since it will be a two-day trip, I will need a hotel reservation because we will be traveling with furry friends.

Enough rambling. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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