Wednesday, August 10, 2022

A Day, a Dinner, and Memories


Anniversary Dinner
Edgewater, MD
August 9, 2022
Yesterday we celebrated our wedding anniversary. For those of you counting, it marked 47 years of marriage--to the same person!

What did we do to mark the day? We loaded the PODS during the morning--well, we got started. There is still a lot more to load into the PODS and fortunately there remains a lot of room. I am not sure where it is all going to go in Florida--but I'm sure we will find places for most of it. 

Out the Window
Yellowfin Steak & Fish House
Edgewater, MD
August 9, 2022
To celebrate the day we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on the water, Yellowfin Steak & Fish House in Edgewater, Maryland. We like the restaurant because the sun sets over the water and the window seats provide an awesome view. It is one of those classic Maryland scenes of flat water, boats, and sky.

A quick review of the dinner at Yellowfin. Chris had  kabobs--the meat was overcooked and the veggies were inconsistent--but flavorful. I had the tuna which is supposed to be seared and raw in the middle--it apparently sat too long and became cooked throughout. So, the entrees, while delightful visually, were not as enjoyable to eat--although they were tasteful. I noted that the restaurant has a limited menu for people with shrimp allergies. I tried to order two different scallop dishes, but for some reason shrimp was somewhere in each of the offerings; hence, I went to my go to--tuna. 

Now dessert was a different story. The Key Lime Key Lime Pie was awesome! And they added a few blueberries on top which really complimented the tastes. The wine I picked, a Pinot Noir, also went very well with the Key Lime pie.

It was a beautiful evening to pause and reflect in the middle of a tumultuous period in our lives.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled lives until this time next year.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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