Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Orioles Dog

 Sadly, the Orioles managed to trade one of my favorite players yesterday, Trey Mancini. 

Makayla, Orioles Fan
Elkridge, MD
August 1, 2022
Baseball is a business, I need to remember that. The Orioles are building for next year and the future beyond that and Trey is 30 years old and that means he is coming to the twilight years of his baseball career. I am happy that he was traded to a contender--although the Astros are a bit of a pariah in baseball because of the sign stealing scandal of a few years ago in which they might have stolen a World Series away from the Dodgers. But, in good news, this may be a late-season "rental" as Trey is a Free Agent and the Orioles may resign him for next year! It would be really cool if the Astros manage to win the Series and Trey gets a ring, returns to the Orioles, and then leads the team to the playoffs or even more! Oops, I'm dreaming again. 

Nonetheless, Makayla and I remain Orioles fans. Makayla even rocked her hat yesterday! I thin she was smiling as I took the picture of her. She likes the straw hat because it protects her ears from the sun and now that she has been shaved, she needs a bit more protection. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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