Thursday, August 4, 2022

Houses and Homes

Houses are meant to become homes.

Truck Loaded with Belongings
Glen Burnie, MD
August 3, 2022
Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and evening helping Jen and Patrick transition from their old house to their new home. It was hot and the work was hard, but they were well organized and we were able to get the final items, including the most massive bed that I have ever seen, out and reinstalled.

Mind you, this was only the stuff they had been living with for the past 80-some days. Most of their furniture and belongings are in storage waiting for the real move-in day next week when the movers will relocate everything in their storage units, yes plural, to the home.

Empty Porches and Yard
Glen Burnie, MD
August 3, 2022
But, back to my original thought. Houses are meant to become homes. Yes, there is a difference. I can see it in my own house as we begin the process of changing it from a home to a house. Homes have character and are a reflection of the occupants. Houses are a blank slate providing the raw materials and space to become a home. 

I have been watching the construction of Jen and Patrick's new house for the past months and have been lucky to see the hole in the ground become a house. And last evening the transition from house to home began.

Conversely, at the old house it was clear that transition from home to house was complete. It was sad, but I know that house will soon undergo the transition back to being a home.

My house is preparing for a similar transition with a lot of work yet ahead.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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