Friday, September 2, 2022


Happy Hour on the Beach
Jupiter, FL
September 1, 2022

 After a two-day road trip, the two-car caravan arrived safely in Tequesta about 1:30PM yesterday. We spent a couple hours unpacking the cars and moving back into our Beach House which is now home and received some great help from Fran and Mary. 

I was exhausted! I could hardly think when I arrived because Riordin meowed the entire second-day drive and it was all I could do not to open the window and offer him the escape from the car that he was seeking. But I didn't. 

We managed to miss the thunderstorms that have been pounding the South and only had to drive through one significant rainstorm within 20 minutes of our destination. 

My Fire Ant Ravaged Foot
Tequesta, FL
September 2, 2022

The only mishap was my run-in with fire ants yesterday morning in South Carolina. It was dark when I took the dogs out and I did not see a small mound--suffice it to say, I am now itching ferociously my right foot. I probably will not stop for the night again in South Carolina as a result. 

I had forgotten about the low season here in South Florida. I wondered where all the traffic had gone, but was reminded that we were last here during high season. 

I had not, however, forgotten about Happy Hour on the beach and it was a fantastic ending to the trip. We enjoyed the water and the sand and our friends. OK, there may have been some adult beverages as well, but being back on one of our favorite beaches was the perfect exclamation point to the trip. 

Now the work begins. We need to assimilate a lot of treasures into an already complete house and transform it all into a home. 

And so the day begins, bright, sunny, and relatively low humidity as compared with the conditions we have been experiencing in Maryland. 

I realized, just now, that I might never, or only rarely ever, sign my blog from Elkridge, MD again.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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