Friday, August 5, 2022

Downsizing - As the Dog Barks

Finnegan is a bundle of energy. 

Finnegan at Halloween
Elkridge, MD
October 31, 2021
He is an excellent watch dog and is always aware of what is happening around the house. 

And that, is the problem--he alerts on everything. He has a shrill, ear-piercing bark that does not stop even when people arrive at the house. It is, at the very least, annoying. I have noticed it more lately as we have had many people coming and going as we downsize. 

But Finn has a soft and gentle side. He loves to curl up in a lap and sleep or to lay in a sunbeam during the morning hours when the sun comes through the window before we lower the shades to keep the house cool.

Finnegan is a gamer and allows himself to be thoroughly humiliated at Halloween. Somehow the costume was too cute. 

When visitors arrive, however, his energy overflows and he runs circles around them, non-stop. It is amazing that he has escaped being stepped-on and hurt.

The joys of downsizing and moving. Finnegan is ever and extra vigilant. And loud.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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