Sunday, August 28, 2022

Moving - Watching the Action

Riordin in the Empty Cupboard
Elkridge, MD
August 27, 2022

 Pets are very sensitive to the activities around the house. They get anxious when they see suitcases coming out of closets and being filled with clothes. They are even more anxious now, I believe, trying to understand why the house is empty and all of the places and things they were accustomed to are now gone.

The house is very empty, it echos.

Yet, there is a lot of activity and people coming and going. The activity and people also indicate to the furry friends that we live with that something is happening out of the ordinary. That has made the three of them, Riordin, Finnegan, and Makayla anxious. 

Riordin took the opportunity the climb into an empty cupboard yesterday and keep tabs on the activity. Riordin is generally not far from me. Like now, as I write this, he curled up right next to me on the futon. One of the last remaining pieces of furniture in the house. He will likely freak out on Tuesday as the futon departs along with the last remaining coffee table, end tables, and lamps which have been designated for disposal. At that point the living room will be empty.

The time remaining in the house is growing short, but the transition from a home to  house is effectively complete. 

And the pets are just hoping they don't get left behind. They stay close and remind us of their presence continuously. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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