Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Rocket Sled Ride Through the Week

 My rocket sled ride through another week continues. 

Tuesday has arrived and it is chock full of previously unplanned activities. 

In the best news department we received and accepted an offer for the house yesterday! This happened less than a week after we terminated the previous contract to allow us to get back onto the market.

There is so much still to do and with the new contract the closing has slipped into mid-September. The new closing date presents a host of new problems--like when to close the pool and how to keep the house prepared if we decide to depart before settlement. I wonder if it is OK to close a pool before Labor Day? I can get the lawn mowed in the intervening weeks, but I worry about the pool if I close it too early. And I will still be paying for electricity and internet during that time so I will be able to monitor the place, much like my Florida home. 

But how do I turn in the cable boxes and modem if I am not there? I worry about dumb stuff like that.

The PODS is half packed--well it is half-full but mostly we are packed. We are getting down to the remnants, like golf clubs and push carts--stuff like that. I'm not thinking that I will be playing golf before I leave and I need the space in the truck to haul those "critical for living" items to Florida with us. Those are the items we need to survive after the PODS has departed and before we actually leave for Florida.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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