Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Prepping and Downsizing

Freshly Stained Porch
Elkridge, MD
Jume 1, 2022

 The seemingly headlong rush towards getting the house on the market, sold, and returning to Florida continues with daily activities, both indoors and out. I enjoyed yesterday's 90 degree temperatures, but was a sweaty mess when I came inside about 1 PM after working outside for the morning. 

The projects we are doing are really just routine maintenance that needs to be accomplished every few years. I have gained the side porch--I replaced a board last year but never got around to properly staining the new wood and then I noticed the entire porch really could use a new coat of stain. I also painted a window frame that needed a touch up. The north side of the house does not get a lot of sun and we get a bit of green algae growth on the siding which I power washed a couple days ago. The paint was the final bit on that project. 

There was a scheduled baseball game last evening and so Chris and I. have devised a plan where we enjoy the big meal of the day for a late lunch. It is really working fairly well because it is much better than trying to eat a meal when I get home from baseball at 8 or 9 PM. Today is more of the same--another game and likely another mid-day main meal. 

Another day in an unnumbered series of days.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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