Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Break in the Action : Cranes


A much needed break from the house preparation happened last evening. Along with two other couples, Chris and I experienced Cranes, a restaurant in D.C. specializing in the intersection of Spanish and Japanese cuisine. 

It was a good evening to head into D.C. because of the Federal Holiday the traffic was light. It only took about 45 minutes to arrive at a parking garage and then just a few minutes more to walk to the restaurant.

The restaurant is easy to find and it is very large. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The food options provided something for everyone. I noted that the prices have significantly increased since the web menu was posted. This is a One Michelin Star rated restaurant. So be prepared to be wowed and enjoy the experience. 

By the time the three couples departed we had enjoyed a bit of most of the menu. Everything was presented in an eye-appealing and tasteful manner. The flavors from some of the items literally exploded in our mouths and provided a symphony of tastes to enjoy as we savored the offering.

We met Chef Pepe and could immediately understand why this restaurant is a Michelin rated restaurant. He is charming and dedicated. The kitchen runs like a well oiled machine, but everyone looks as if they truly enjoy their work.

A great evening and I recommend visiting and enjoying this restaurant. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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