Wednesday, June 22, 2022

House Sale vs Impending Vacation

 The house sale process continues and I fear it will complicate our impending departure for a long-planned and much needed vacation.  

Princess Juliana Airport
Sint Maarten
July 5, 2017
Yes, we are headed for Sint Maarten on Friday. To say we are excited is an understatement. This trip has been planned for almost a year and we will be joining my sister Pennie and her husband on the trip, reviving a history of joint vacations with them. The island of Saint Martin hosts two countries, one Dutch and one French. We will likely visit them both during our stay as some of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean are located on the French side of the island. The Dutch side, however, is famous for Princess Juliana airport where the aircraft land right over the beach. Chris and I were there on July 5, 2017 as a stop on a cruise! Five years ago.

Pedro's Orient Beach Bar
Saint Martin
July 5, 2017
The house sale process is frustrating. We have had, as of this writing, 932 views and 48 saves on Zillow. No offers yet! And we are being very accommodating. Yesterday, we received 40 minutes advance notice of a showing. It came as I was in the middle of making my lunchtime sandwich. We packaged up the animals (yes, we have animals) and stray items around the house; making a quick exit. 

A new frustration is that the house seems to be working against us. On Saturday, during the open house, on of the ceiling light globes decided to crash to the floor. I replaced the whole unit. Yesterday, one of the less than two months old LED recessed light bulbs burned out in the kitchen just as we were leaving the house for the showing. I did not have another light an so we installed a light of a different color temperature while we bought the correct temperature light bulb during the showing.

So many things are being juggled. I might turn my phone and computer off next week just to regain some sense of sanity. But, I know that snorkeling in the warm Caribbean water will be fantastic.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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