Monday, June 27, 2022

Dinner by the Bay

Dinner at Mary's Boon Restaurant
Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten
June 26, 2022


After another enjoyable vacation day, which included snorkeling a wreck not far from where we are staying, we enjoyed dinner at a hotel-bar-restaurant along Simpson Bay a short walk from where we are staying. 

The Simpson Bay wreck snorkel was a good dry run for today's 6 hour snorkeling adventure which will take us around St. Martin and visit two close islands in search of fish and scenic beauty under the sea. My take-away was that I need to shave! Water entered my mask unless it was positioned perfectly on my face, due to my couple day beard growth. I am freshly shaved and ready for underwater action today. I did not take my underwater camera yesterday so there are no wreck pictures to share. It was a fun snorkel, but not much of a wreck to image. 

Stray Dog
Mary's Boon Beach Resort and Spa
Simpson Bay, St Maarten 

The remainder of the day was thoroughly relaxing with multiple trips to the local grocery store and a short beach walk. 

We had a lot of fun at dinner and it was a 0.7 mile walk along Simpson Bay Road from the house where we are staying. The airport is right behind Mary's Boon, but as it was evening there were relatively few flights arriving or departing. As sunset was falling we departed the restaurant to arrive back at the house before twilight turned to darkness. 

Another day in paradise concluded sitting on the veranda enjoying adult beverages; talking and dreaming.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

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