Friday, June 24, 2022

Flying from America Today

 And we are off on a travel adventure, finally. Remember that Chris and I were supposed to go on a cruise right after I retired, but COVID intervened. Today we are winging our way to Saint Martin. Yes, in the Caribbean. 

Jammed Delta International Counter at 5AM
BWI Airport
June 24, 2022

We experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations associated with air travel in America today. Baltimore-Washington International airport was a mess this Friday morning. I have not seen lines like this morning’s in years. We stood in line to check-in for our flight for an hour. I took the picture from the continuation of the check-in line into the hallway.  People missed their flight because of the line. There were two flights connecting to international destinations processing at the same time. Fortunately, we arrived two hours early. It was almost not enough. 

As luck would have it, we made both our flight to Atlanta and the connecting flight to St Maarten with just a few minutes to spare. Squeezing in time to buy a breakfast sandwich and coffee to eat on the first flight. 

The situation is as dire as the media reports. Not enough people to process travelers complicated by the fact that flying internationally requires a hands-on review of travel documents. But, we are away and excited. The house remains available for showings and offers. The animals are enjoying mini-vacations of their own being divided between family and friends.

A week in the Caribbean!

Maybe good things will happen back home  

— Bob Doan, just off the Florida at 36,000 feet

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