Sunday, June 26, 2022

Island Paradise Exploring

 A few funny things have happened during and since our arrival to Sint Maarten. 

Deplaning at Princess Juliana Airport
Sint Maarten
June 24, 2022

The first interesting, amusing, weird thing was that the taxi driver from the airport did not have a clue where the address was on the island. She actually asked me if I had a GPS to guide her. Mind you, the house is near, and I mean near, the airport. Just two streets from the runway. I was finally able to get my mapping program to work, but because I did not have internet I could not get directions. Good thing I had done my intelligence preparation of the battlefield and was able to identify the house and direct the driver to the location. We inquired, why the problem? She responded that they are used to dropping people off at hotels and resorts, but not VRBOs. 

The next, or really it was the first interesting happening was deplaning. It has been a while since I deplaned at a small airport without a jetway. Walking down the jetway into the bright sun and ocean breeze was a great experience. It was well orchestrated and busses were readily available for us to make our way to the terminal.  But, I did get this great image of the jet and the deplaning process. 

Me at Western End of Simpson Bay Beach
Sint Maarten
June 25, 2022

Simpson Bay is bounded by a beach that is officially 2.78 miles long and one of the longest beaches on St Martin. At each end there are rocks and cliffs. Chris and I decided to walk to the western end of the beach yesterday. By the time we returned to our starting location, we had walked 2.6 miles, part of the beach walk was along the fence for the airport. Along the walk we collected sea glass and a few shells along with enjoying the sights, which included a fairly large shipwreck on the rocks.

Unnamed Wreck at West end of Simpson Bay
Sint Maarten
June 25, 2022

I have to admit, I was really fascinated by the wreck. I am guessing it broke free from its mooring during the dual hurricanes of a few years ago. I did some basic research and could not come up with a name for or the story behind the wreck. It is in relatively good condition which is what leads me to believe it is recent, probably happening during the dual hurricanes.

Another day is at hand and there is much to do and explore. 

-- Bob Doan, writing from Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

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