Friday, June 3, 2022

Lights, Action, For Sale

The Illuminated Pool
Elkridge, MD
June 2, 2022

 In the heat of yesterday's morning sun, I managed to resolve the issue with the lights in the pool. Yay. The resolution allowed Chris and I to enjoy a beautiful evening in and around the pool with the lights beaming brightly after the thunderstorms moved through the area. We even lit the gas fueled fire pit to enjoy the ambiance. I installed bright white LED bulbs in the existing housing and they changed the color of the pool giving it a much bluer hue. 

Sitting around a hot fire pit on a warm summer-like evening may seem a bit eccentric, but Chris and I both realize that these opportunities are rapidly drawing to a close as we signed with a realtor yesterday to market the homestead. Hopefully, in a few short weeks we will have a signed contract and begin the final preparations to permanently depart the house we have loved for over 21 years. It is much different than any other move we have done as we have never lived so long at any address in our entire lives. After 21 years at the same location we have accumulated a lot of stuff which we do not need in our future location.

Life is beginning to change, although with the tropical depression headed for Tequesta with up to 12 inches of rain, I am happy I'm not there--one day in a row.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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