Saturday, June 4, 2022

Late Today

Jax at the Plate
Lakeshore Athletic Complex
June 1, 2022

 I had an early departure this morning for a baseball game. I was on the road at 7:30 AM and so I didn't get the blog done in the morning. 

It turned out that because of lack of umpires, the baseball game became a scrimmage and I became an umpire in the field. It was my first time as an umpire since college and fortunately lately the parent from the other team was a real umpire in another league and helped me through. 

It was fun!

I learned a lot. I had always noticed the umpires using hand signals between each other, but except for ensuring they knew the number of outs I never could decipher them. Well, that changed. There is a lot of communication between umpires to ensure they each know what is happening. I believe in my heart, I made all good calls today. As a scrimmage, there was no time limit and the seven inning game went almost three hours in the developing heat of the day. I was dog tired after.

But, I knew that I had projects to do at home, like taking hazardous materials to the landfill including some lithium batteries. They only accept hazardous items and liquids on Saturdays. Chris and I also managed to clean out the pool house attic and crossed another room off the list. Most of the stuff in that attic went to the landfill, with the exception of pool toys and floaties.

It was a beautiful day for being outside and we were.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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