Sunday, February 13, 2022

Super Sunday

The day has finally arrived. It is Super Bowl Sunday and the stage is set for another day of partying and even the promise of some football thrown in between the commercials. 

Who to cheer for? The Rams, or the Bengals? 

The Bengals are the underdogs, currently by about 4 points. BUT, the Bengals hail from the AFC North Division--home to the Steelers and my favorite team the Ravens. Therefore, I will be cheering on the Bengals--a team which beat both the Ravens and Steelers in each of their meetings this year--home and away. 

I am truly hoping for good football to close out the season. The ending was very disappointing for the Ravens as Lamar was injured and the team lost its final six games to finish outside of the playoffs. 

The day will be filled with anticipation and maybe a bit too much food and drink. 

I know that here in Florida the police have promised extra patrols looking for impaired drivers starting about the time the game ends. They will be looking for party revelers who over indulged--and I don't think they will be helping them to get home.

Be save and don't over do it if you are planning on watching the game and partying. 

I am a terrible sports predictor--however, here it goes.

My prediction Bengals 31 - Rams 27.

May the best team win and the referees stay out of the headlines.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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