Saturday, February 19, 2022

Starting a Three-day Weekend

Blowing Rocks
Jupiter Island, FL
February 18, 2022
I realized that yesterday was the Friday prior to the beginning of a three-day weekend. That is what explained the incredible amounts of traffic we faced doing our normal shopping activities. I hope everyone had a happy Friday. 

From my point of view, it was another day in an unnumbered series of days. But a special day nonetheless.

The day did, however, begin with a beach walk. We have not gone to the beach during the morning lately due to the weather conditions. Yesterday, however, with the mild winds and near warm temperatures was the perfect morning for a beach walk with Finnegan. And we did. And we enjoyed it although the sand was unusually soft and it was a trudge to complete even a mile along the beach. It was a good workout. AS if that were not enough I followed the beach walk with a bike ride--perhaps pushing it just a bit too much. 

During the beach walk, I found Blowing Rocks to be especially picturesque. I love it when the waves crash on the rocks and I must have well over a hundred images of the rocks with the ocean spraying upon them. I guess that I am looking or the image which captures best what I see as the power of the ocean meets the immovable rocks on the beach. The image from yesterday is very close to that image in my mind.

The Presidents' Day weekend holds many exciting things in store. Last evening we went to a play, "I Hate Hamlet." It was a professional production and, frankly, I like Hamlet more than I liked the play. The acting was good, but I found the script to be trite and contrived. Today and tomorrow we will be experiencing an Art Festival and a Seafood Festival. 

We will be busy--but hopefully there will still be beach time and a bike ride. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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