Thursday, February 10, 2022

It was a Cool and Rainy Day

Egret on the Hedge
Tequesta, FL
February 9, 2022
After more than a week of blue skies and warm sun we suffered through a cool, overcast, and rainy day yesterday. It reminded me of the weather back in Maryland where it just would not end so that outdoors life could continue. It worked out, however, because I had scheduled Comcast to come and figure out what was wrong with the connection to one of my TVs and it also turned into a good time to go to Costco for supplies. So Chris and I turned a gloomy day into a productive one. 

Because of the rain we only walked a limited distance, until Finnegan did his business and I did not ride my bike and as the gloomy day became a day-off from exercise. 

But what did I learn?

Well, first off I learned that newer TVs with real HD require more bandwidth than older less capable ones. All that was wrong with my cable connection was the actual cable jumper. The tech replaced the jumper and everything worked. He wondered why Comcast even gives the jumper that I had out because it is so bad. Oh well, no wonder all of my troubleshooting was for naught.

I also learned that the cable outlet in one of the bedrooms that has a transformer attached to it is running a splitter somewhere in the house and to add a television I need a power pass through splitter--who knew? Well, I do now and at least I asked the question before I  bought the wrong connector.

And then there was the afternoon trip to Costco. Note to self--Wednesday afternoon is not a good day to attempt Costco! The place was packed. Chris and I made a successful run, but it really was difficult to check-out. It is amazing how differently Costco lays out their stores. 

To make it all better, however, an egret was standing on our bushes when we returned form shopping. I guess hunting was not good in the normal areas and it decided that since we could not go to the beach, it would bring the beach to us. 

BTW, Happy Friday-eve!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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