Thursday, February 17, 2022

My Stupid Cat


Finding Water in the Wrong Place

I caught the Riordin, my cat, doing something disgusting the other day. 

He was drinking from the toilet!

For real.

Apparently he was not happy with the water situation in the house. Frankly, I do not understand his desire for toilet water. Chris and I maintain fresh water for the animals in a central location and change it daily. We also provide Riordin with his own bowl of water that the dogs cannot access. We are beginning to understand that Riordin does not like to share and believes he is special!

I was amazed at how he perched himself on the seat to access the water in the bowl. 

Sadly, this is not the only time I have surprised Riordin in the toilet. This was the time I had my phone with me to catch him in the act. We are trying to keep the seat tops down, but sometimes, OK most times, I forget. 

Thank goodness cats, unlike dogs, do not greet people by licking faces.

Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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