Monday, February 21, 2022

Monday Musings - February 21, 2022

1. Welcome to the third Monday of February 2022. I don't think I am still fully into the 2022 thing and keep trying at odd times to write 2021. I guess I just cannot get over the mess that was 2021. There are 44 Mondays remaining 2022.

2. Crazy busy/enjoyable weekend. We took advantage of the superior weather and went to ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival--a huge art festival on Saturday and then went to the Jupiter Seafood Festival yesterday. Awesomeness. Both events were extremely managed in terms of parking, exhibitors, and admissions. 

3. Happy Presidents' Day. If you want to have a little mind-bending activity, read the article I highlighted below about Washington having two birthdays. 

4. The Olympics are over. I enjoy the competition and highlighting of sports events that I do not normally view, like curling. Sadly, the US Team which won gold in the previous Winter Games finished 4th this year. Check out the article referenced below about what the extreme cold can do to cross-country skiers. Whoa!

5. Enjoy the Federal Holiday. From what I've been reading, it was a busy weekend on the world stage. 

6. Well, it happened. Major League Baseball officially delayed the start of Spring Training. Opening Day for the regular season is in jeopardy. Greed is a terrible thing.

7. This just in---The Queen of England has COVID. See the article referenced below.

8. Today in History. February 21, 1965: In New York City, Malcolm X, an African American nationalist and religious leader, is assassinated while addressing his Organization of Afro-American Unity at the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights. He was 39. Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1925, Malcolm was the son of James Earl Little, a Baptist preacher who advocated the Black nationalist ideals of Marcus Garvey. Threats from the Ku Klux Klan forced the family to move to Lansing, Michigan, where his father continued to preach his controversial sermons despite continuing threats. In 1931, Malcolm’s father was murdered by the white supremacist Black Legion, and Michigan authorities refused to prosecute those responsible. In 1937, Malcolm was taken from his family by welfare caseworkers. By the time he reached high school age, he had dropped out of school and moved to Boston, where he became increasingly involved in criminal activities. (Click on the link to read the remainder of the article)

Watch: Russia Test-Launches Ballistic and Cruise Missiles - The Wall Street Journal

Biden Agrees to Meet Putin Provided Russia Pulls Back - The Wall Street Journal

Frackers Push Into Once-Dead Shale Patches as Oil Nears $100 a Barrel - The Wall Street Journal

EV Batteries Hinder Efforts to Fight Fire on Ship - The Wall Street Journal

The hate-crimes trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers highlights everyday racism — and casual gun culture in Georgia community - The Washington Post

Nearly half of Washingtonians don’t like Commanders name, Post poll finds - The Washington Post

Why George Washington has two birthdays — and neither falls on Presidents’ Day - The Washington Post

Kremlin says no concrete plans for summit with Biden over Ukraine, article with video - Reuters

Cross-country skiing-Finn Remi suffers frozen penis in mass start race, article with image - Reuters

'God Save The Queen': messages pour in after Elizabeth catches COVID, article with gallery - Reuters

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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