Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Golf, Finally


Chris Waiting at the 3rd Tee
Jupiter Dunes Golf Course, Jupiter, FL
February 22, 2022
It has been exactly a month since Chris and I made our escape back to Florida. It is hard to believe, but it was Sunday, January 23rd when we motored out of Elkridge along I-95 headed for our current location in Tequesta. 

Wow--believe it or not, it seems like a lot longer ago. It has been a busy month of activity. I have not yet been retired two months and I feel as if I cannot fit another activity into our daily schedule.

Yesterday, for instance, I determined that Chris and I needed to get out onto a golf course. We had not made it out for a round since arriving. There have been a few weather issues, but mostly it has been hard to find the time. Yesterday, I took a different approach--I traded our daily bike ride for golf!

We went to a small local Par 3 golf course to shake the cobwebs off our game. Don't misunderstand--this course is tough and really works the short game strategy. The greens are small and most are elevated so that you have to be precise. Even when putting--too strong a putt and you are off the green due to the rolling nature of the landscape. Since I had not swung a club since October 22nd--the day of my retirement golf tournament, it was a way to get back into the "swing."

View of the 5th Hole from the Tee
Jupiter Dunes Golf Club, Jupiter, FL
February 22, 2022
I sucked. I could hit left or right of my target but not where I was aiming. Once, though, I terribly miss-hit the ball, but it went straight at the pin and hit the flag, instead of flying over the green, dropping about 6 feet from the hole resulting in a good putt and an undeserved par. 

Golf is one of those games. Celebrate the good shots and forget the bad. Don't focus on the last shot--work on the current shot.

The weather yesterday was perfect. Broken skies and 80 degrees. That is what Florida is all about--year round golf.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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