Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Fighting the Wind


Chris and I have been trying to bike almost every day after walking Finnegan. It really is quite something, we walk Finnegan on a 1.5 mile route as a warm-up and then hop onto our bicycles for a ride. By the time we are done we have spent about 1.5 hours exercising between the walk and the multiple-mile ride. That is something that I never had time to do before I retired and especially during the winter when the darkness arrives early. 
Crossing the Loxahatchee River
Tequesta, FL
February 11, 2022

We are located near a large State Park and on the edge of some natural areas that provide some scenic beauty as we ride. Crossing the Loxahatchee River the other morning provided a stunning scene, which I dutifully recorded. The wide river and cloud-filled sky were a beautiful sight. 

Yesterday, however, was a very different story. We fought high winds--in excess of 20 mph, on our ride. It was excruciating in places. We chose a shorter 6 mile out and back ride to Jonathan Dickinson State Park, rather than a longer circuit. The way out it was all against the wind and mostly uphill--OK, as uphill as it can be in South Florida. Believe me, even in South Florida where the terrain is fairly flat any uphill into a stiff wind is an experience. The ride out I averaged about 9 mph. Riding back with the downhill and the wind at my back I averaged almost 20 mpg and at times my GPS recorded that I was flying in excess of 24 mph. 

At least coming back was fun! Fighting the wind on the way out reminded me that I still need to work harder to get into good riding shape.

Fighting the wind is not fun.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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