Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Biking in February

Saturday's Bike Trip
Tequesta, Jupiter, FL
February 4, 2022
I bought a bike last week. It is a Cannondale Quick CX4. This is the first time that I have actually owned a bicycle since I was in college. I did have the use of a bike a few years ago, but it was not mine. One of the things that I was determined to do upon moving to Florida was begin cycling regularly. I like cycling a lot more than walking, but even so Chris and I continue walking about 1.5 miles every day with Finnegan.

Since owing the bike, now exactly one week, I have cycled on six occasions and have logged a few miles while increasing my fitness level. I started slowly and am increasing the distance biked each day--well, with the exception of Saturday when I went out on a 16 mile, over 1-hour tour with a friend. I had a lot of fun and fortunately, I had been riding every day prior and I remember to wear my padded bike shorts.

I do like that my watch records the route traveled on my phone so that I can review it and possibly use portions of it in other adventures. In fact, I have been using some of this trip to ride with Chris as she, likewise, increases her distance and biking fitness. I was surprised when I returned home that I had actually ridden over 16 miles. Although I was tired, I has stayed hydrated and I did not feel as exhausted as I felt that I should. The only thing I forgot was to apply sunscreen and my arms got a bit, very lightly, burned. Well, at least that is helping me to lose the Northern paleness. 

Who would have thought that biking in February could be so enjoyable?

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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