Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weary Already and Grinding Away

Back already for only two days--and weary of the grind already.

My head is still on "some beach, some where" (to quote a country song).

It is hard to believe the level of seemingly meaningless activity, meetings, questions, and actions that stream by me on a daily basis.

I am caught, it seems, in a bureaucratic for bureaucracy sake situation where the paper required to do intelligent things keeps them from being done.

And to top it all off, my truck is broken. But it should be fixed today, for a small transfer of large unmarked bills from my piggy bank.

I'm not sure what it all means at this point--but getting back into the saddle, as they say, after a wonderful vacation away sure is getting tougher.

I am, of course, excited that the Orioles have a new manager--but they will still likely finish last in all of baseball this year. It is hard to get worse than last. I guess the new manager is taking over at a good time--that can't really go anywhere but up. At least they won last night--which in itself is newsworthy.

And I am sure A-Rod is hoping to see the O's soon so he can finally hit his 600th homer. Want to talk about frustration? Another game last night--no home run. There you have it!

Talk here has already turned to football--and the Ravens are self-destructing in training camp! Injuries are putting people out for the season. Unlike the Redskins who can't seem to even get their players onto the field for training camp. It might be a good time to change teams, like someone in the family I know!!!

Did I say my truck is broken!

But it is all good.

My dog is happy to see me when I come home at night. And it makes me smile when she heads back upstairs to bed in the morning after mooching my toast to get a few more hours of shut-eye with Chris. They are quite a pair in the morning when I leave for work--nestled deep into the bed sleeping.

Lucas at Dinner in Outback
It would be a funny picture.

And the pool is there for me to fall into and wash away the cares of the day when I come home.

And I had dinner last evening with Lucas ( and his Mom and Dad). It was an awesome time!

So all is not lost--it is just seems like it is hiding.

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