Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Headlights in my Eyes

It happened yesterday morning.

My drive to work at the fairly reasonable hour of 6:30am was accompanied with headlights.

Even with the dark skies though, the top was down on Cat. The cool morning air--and it was cool, high 60's; felt refreshing--yet it made me sad too.

It is amazing how quickly the summer passes.

Monday evening, we took a timeout form the hustle of life and sat on the screened porch enjoying dinner and a bottle of wine and watching the evening fall around us.

Chris and I enjoy those times together, alone except for Makayla who desires to be near us.

We were escaping a bit--right in the middle of where we are. To enjoy conversation and planning, and a sip or two of wine to cap off the day.

We talked about life and the things of the day and the week. Chris reminded me that her favorite season is autumn as we noticed a coolness in the air. I reminded her that autumn makes me sad as I mourn the passing of another summer. And technically it remains summer for another whole month--but we all know the truth, don't we?

Of course, it was Monday evening and it was Chris' last evening before returning to work following another fantastic summer vacation. She accused me of secretly being happy when she returns to work; but that is not true! I wish we both could be on summer vacation everyday.

But we still need to work to live.

Long ago though, I stopped living to work and started enjoying the living a lot more.

So no matter the season--live and enjoy.

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