Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remember? It was Bad!

I was going through my images from winter yesterday and ran across this one. It reminded me of how bad it really was during the middle of the snowpocalypse.


Nothing but snow and cold as far as could be seen.

No travel.

No sun.

Nothing except dreaming of a warm beach somewhere.

Thank you for summer!!

I love summer and the beach and the salty air. And the heat.

Bring it on it is so much better.

Washing off at the beach after a morning of fun in the surf and the sun.

Sleeping the afternoon away to get ready for the evening of more beach time and looking for turtles laying their eggs.

Swatting mosquitos and wondering where the dragonflies are.

Really--don't rush summer's ending. The alternative is just too cold to imagine and it will be here soon enough. Coats, gloves, boots and the ever present cold.

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Jeremy Doan said...

Give me a bite in the morning air. .. meat on the grill, beer in my hand family all around and Steelers football on TV....
Bring on fall...
And go Steelers

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