Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sand Castles and Memories

Sand Castle built by Mike, Ethan and Jax during July 2010
Works of art arrayed on the beach, for only a short time.

Built by hands striving to make their mark on the world--no matter how temporary.

It is like writing your name in the sand on the beach. A strong statement that "I was here" but one that will soon be gone with the wind or the tides.

I have seen some fabulous sand art. And I am always impressed by its transient nature--the artist, or sand sculptor, uses their talent to create a design which causes people to pause and consider it, but also realize that the art is only temporary. And then the canvass is clean for them to start over.

It must be a freeing experience.

Not to be constrained by what has already been done and yet free to take yesterday's creation and remold it to make it different for the mood of the day. Even, in some manner, better.

I am sometimes so busy trying to create something that will last and have an enduring quality, that I forget that like the flowers of the field that bloom and then die in a day, transient things can be beautiful because they make a memory!

It is memories that really last and endure. Not the item or the thing. Over time things grow old and weathered. They crack and peel and become soiled with the passage of time.

But memories--they remain. And they are always with me.

And I can smile at the remembrance of them.

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