Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bad From the Start

As I wrote yesterday, some days are just bad from the start.

Let me write about my Sunday.

It all began before I was awake--or should I say as I was awakened with a thumping on my back and my lovely, but sleep deprived wife screaming at me to stop snoring. I asked her what the problem was--because I was startled and not fully coherent. She told me in her best imitation of a sailor that I was snoring and should leave. It being 5:45am and being now fully awake, I just decided to get up, which Makayla thought was great.

Groggy though I was, I did enjoy watching Sportscenter, especially since the Orioles were in the last segment which was just airing as I got the TV on.

My next mistake was making coffee. Although I make coffee all of the time, this morning the coffee pot decided, about half-way through the brew, to stop accepting more coffee--which sent hot coffee over the counter, onto the floor and saturating the rug in front of the sink. A nice mess to continue the day. Although I was later accused of not emptying the coffee from the pot before brewing, I pointed out that the pot was only half full of hot coffee when I poured my first cup and so that could not be the case. Doubts, however, remained in the accusers mind I later found out.

Next was the breakfast bagel. By now my lovely sleep deprived wife was with me and I offered to make her a bagel after I completed mine. She was happy that I offered and I cut her bagel and placed it in the toaster at which point I noticed that there was a bagel setting on the toaster that I had not used. Feeling very pleased with myself I selected the bagel setting and pulled the handle down. A short while later I heard the toaster pop up and then the smoke alarm sounded. Seems her bagel was a bit crispy. I gave her the unconsumed half of my bagel and took one of her crispy halves. The smoke alarm stopped wailing after a short while.

We prepared to go to church and the last thing I do before leaving the house is put my wallet in my pants. I never lose my wallet. I know where it is. Yet, this morning we could not find it. We looked all over the house in the usual and unusual places, retraced steps to the car--but no wallet. Finally, as we became later and later departing for church, I realized that the last place my wallet had been located was my pants pocket from the day before after moving Patrick and Tina. Great. Or not. Someone had thoughtfully picked up my pants and washed them while I was swimming in the pool. Yes, we found my drenched, ruined wallet still in the washing machine. Fortunately the losses were not too great--but one of Chris's shirts was destroyed as the color from the 10 or more year old wallet had run into her shirt.

And so it was off to church with my driver's license in my pocket--but no wallet. What could happen at church? Nothing right? Well almost. No sooner had we seated ourselves and stood for the opening songs when I could not find the bulletin to doodle on. It had fallen under the seat in front on me.

One would think, that with the time being only about 9:20am and this many things going wrong that I would have gotten the message, right?


We returned home after I had been coerced into grocery shopping, a stop which went from "we need a couple things for dinner today" into major grocery shopping.

I unwittingly decided to mow the lawn. After dutifully inflating the tires on the mower, and my truck and Kitty; the mowing went relatively uneventfully until I crashed into a short tree stump that I forgot was there because it was covered with grass that I wanted to mow. This bent the mower deck so that the blades would not turn--but thankfully, did not break the drive belt. Two hours and one severe rainstorm later, I had finished repairing the mower deck after saying some unkind things to the person I live with who showed up late with suggestions about how to fix the mower deck. I was very hot and sweaty because the humidity was up around 100 percent.

Was I bright enough to just call it a day at this point?

No. Sadly--

We went over to Patrick and Tina's to help them unpack and move in. Everything went great right up until the last project of the night. Patrick and I were hanging a quilt on the wall. It is a very big, beautiful quilt that Tina's mother made. The hanger needed a bracket in the middle to stop the sag. Right where I wanted to put the bracket in the wall was something into which I could neither screw a screw nor even drill with a masonry bit. Ugh! With the ends already in place and secure and the quilt already modified for the middle bracket I had to move the bracket a bit, the quilt is about 1 inch off center. UGH!

With that--and it being 10pm, Chris and I took Makayla and went home ending one of those days that should never happen to anyone.

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