Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fizz in the Glass of Life

While on vacation, I discovered something really different.

I am provided with fizz in my glass of life to spice it up. Just like a cola or champagne--the fizz is there to keep me excited and interested.

What is this magic fizz in the glass of life?


Yup. Watching grandchildren play on the beach, or wrestle with their Mom and Dad on the floor, or fight like the brothers they are, and discover the world is truly the fizz that adds interest to life.

They are canvasses to write memories upon--memories which will remain long after I have changed my address from where I am now to eternity.

They explore and interact with the world and people in ways I had long forgotten and sometimes in ways that as a parent, I didn't appreciate then and only now after my own children are grown and having children of their own can I appreciate the ways of the child.

So what is this fizz?

The joy of discovering sea urchins on the beach and realizing that they are not plants, but animals.

The fear of letting a snail crawl on their hands.

The excitement of running headlong into the pounding surf driven by a tropical storm with the red flag flying.

Finding a small turtle on the beach and then learning all about turtles at the turtle rescue place.

Watching helplessly as they strike out again at the baseball game.

Seeing them struggle to roll over and become more like a person as they grow from a baby.

Yes, there is stress--and like a glass or more of champagne, the fizz can be overwhelming at times. But it provides the interest in life to help me see things differently.

It is fizz surely. Sometimes it gets up my nose and makes me cringe--but usually it helps me appreciate life and something that I have forgotten that I had a lot of fun learning and doing.

I guess it keeps me from getting too old, too fast.

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