Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Musings - August 23, 2010

1. Some days are just bad from the start--and then they continue to get more frustrating until, finally, crashing into bed and drifting off to sleep ends them.

2. Moving is hard. Packing is bad but unpacking is worse.

3. Some weekends pass by so quickly that on Monday morning as I am preparing to go to work I hardly feel refreshed for the workweek ahead.

4. Makayla didn't see too much of me this weekend--I'm sure in her doggie-mind she was wondering if it was something she bit.

5. Sales at major department stores really bring out the crowds on a Sunday afternoon.

6. I was reminded this weekend that the next time I move--we will definitely pay someone to move all the stuff.

7. Fish are great to look at, they are really difficult to move. It doesn't matter if they are salt or freshwater--I've helped move both and they require a lot of care to arrive alive.

8. The pump on the pool burned out. I wonder how long I can keep the pool from turning green and will the new pump arrive before that happens?

9. And here is an interesting tidbit: On this date in 1617, the first one-way streets open (London). Where would we be now without them? (From Brainy History)Link

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