Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Musings - August 16, 2010

1. Drove to Ithaca and back for the weekend. Long drive, especially in the rain yesterday. A convertible is just another car on the road in the rain.

2. We let the GPS find the shortest route to my parents house as we were coming in from a different direction and although we knew the roads pretty well we totally forgot--there are still dirt roads in upstate New York.

3. August is a funny month--it was chilly in NY and hot here in MD. We were surprised how cool it was just a couple hours away--even as we were returning yesterday, it was a lot cooler in York, PA than here in MD.

4. Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo. I'm glad some people can still find fun in the attractions that surround us. Jeremy and Lucas sure seemed to be having a good time.

5. Makayla has become a great traveler. She especially likes riding in Cat with the top down and she puts her nose in the air.

6. The pool really got hammered during the storms--it is amazing how much work a few thunderstorms can cause--despite the good they do with the rain which refreshed the land.

7. The O's had a bad weekend--they lost 2 of 3 to the Rays. But they played tough! And they are 9-4 so far for August, which is a winning record.

8. Someone said something about football season. Do people really get excited about preseason scores? Really--come on. Wait a month till the real season begins.

9. Does anything feel better than sleeping in your own bed after a trip?

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